Determining Breast Size Before Surgery Determining Implant Size Before Breast Surgery



Determining Implant Size Before Breast Surgery

If you are considering breast implants…determining your ideal size may be easier than you think…in fact it’s as simple as a cup of rice!

Once you have decided to have a breast augmentation the next step is deciding what size you want.   In some plastic surgery offices the plastic surgeon decides which size implants to use on any given woman.  Some surgeons have a certain bias towards larger or smaller breasts and tend to treat each woman the same way.  Some plastic surgeons may even decide a woman’s breast size based on the inventory of implants he/she has in the office.

At The Plastic Surgery Center our philosophy is simple-empower patients to make their own decisions.

This includes deciding on the size of their implants.  But how exactly does a woman determine which size breast implants are right for her?

When you come in for your free consult, in addition to the standard breast evaluation given by Dr. Varkony, we ask that you take a regular measuring cup, one that has ml’s labeled on it and start by pouring 200 ml’s of rice into it.  Take that rice and pour it into a sandwich bag and place that in an unpadded bra and spread it around.  After you position the rice, try on a plain t-shirt over your bra…how does it look?

Are they big enough?  Not quite as full as you want?   What look are you hoping to achieve? Pour some more rice into your measuring cup being mindful of how many ml’s you are using.  Ml’s or milliliters are the same as CC’s or cubic centimeters, the measurement used to order implants.  Generally speaking, 500 cc’s equals approximately 2 cups.

 Dr. Varkony will gladly answer any of your questions regarding the procedure as well as discuss your options for the type of implants you want to use.  Although silicone implants are slightly higher in price, they tend to have less rippling and tend to be more natural in both look and feel; however, the choice is completely personal and we offer either saline or silicone implants.

As with any medical procedure, we encourage you to research and compare all factors before making a final decision.  And of course we remind and encourage you to do breast exams, ideally after your period each month and continue to do so after your augmentation.

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