The Positive Aspect of Plastic surgery The Positive Aspects of Plastic Surgery


The Positive Aspects of Plastic Surgery

Before I moved from New York to Los Angeles I never considered having any type of plastic surgery.  

I prided myself on being the "all natural" girl who had smooth skin and few wrinkles due to clean living and healthy choices both in diet and lifestyle. I was convinced that women who wanted to alter what nature gave them had something wrong with their self esteem and needed a shrink not a plastic surgeon.

That all changed when I was offered an opportunity to work with Dr. Steven Varkony of The Plastic Surgery Center.  
Dr. Varkony is a highly sought after, board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in 30 minute breast augmentations, hidden scar arm tucks and countless other surgical procedures that not only enhance a woman's natural beauty, but also improve her self confidence by making her look fresher and feel younger! 

In a relatively short amount of time of interacting with patients, whose looks and lives he has transformed, I have officially changed my position.

Each patient has that one "trouble spot" that nags them.  Could be stubborn fat around the waist and hip area or maybe it's fat around the eyes causing them to look tired and worn out, or maybe it's just time to finally get implants to even out their shape after having children, breast feeding or just normal hormonal shifts that come with age.  Everyone comes in for a different reason and most undergo surgery feeling happy they made a decision to make that change.

I find it exciting to be part of a process that makes women feel more confident and comfortable with their bodies and I certainly have experienced how this newfound confidence makes them better able to manage the challenges and demands of life, particularly in a society that often associates "youthfulness" with vibrancy and vitality.

Moreover, given the fact that we are living longer, I view the role of the plastic surgeon as a facilitator of opportunities that may otherwise have been lost to those who are considered too "old" for a position or not given the chance to showcase their skills and talents because they look older than they feel.

I am writing this column to share with you my impressions of a plastic surgery practice and how plastic surgery makes real, positive changes in the lives of everyday people.

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Your wonderful talent gave me the body I’ve always dreamed of! My operation made such a difference in my life. I wish that this note could express all of the happiness that you have brought to my heart. I look so much better. I feel great. My only problem is that all my old clothes are now way too big on me! Thanks.

E. W.
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