What To Expect After Breast Augmentation Surgery What To Expect After Breast Augmentation Surgery


What To Expect After Breast Augmentation Surgery

When our patients have breast augmentation surgery, they are very concerned about their post operative care and specifically how soon they can return to their “normal” routine and activities. 
As with any surgical procedure, you want to give yourself proper time to rest and heal.  The following is a basic outline of what we advise for a quick and safe recovery.   
Stage 1- The First Few Days
Realistically, the first 24 hours following surgery, you need to return home with, and be monitored by, a friend or relative.  This person is there to assist you in taking your medications, help you use the bathroom, as you may be unsteady on your feet, and to help in any way while you recover.  It is very important at this early stage to take your medications as prescribed and to avoid laying flat.  It is best to keep your back elevated to reduce swelling.  Also, it is important to keep your bandages dry and try to keep your surgical or sports bra on to prevent excessive swelling.  Finally, the other things you want to avoid at this stage is, heavy lifting, sitting in the sun and exercise of any kind.

Stage 2- The First Few Weeks
Continue taking medications as directed.  Avoid any medications that you were advised to hold off before surgery-  (Advil, aspirin etc.- all cause bleeding). 
Continue to wear a supportive bra. Do not judge the size, shape, or symmetry of your breast quite yet..they are still settling. Continue being mindful of lifting anything heavy and wait to exercise until at least 3 weeks post-op.  As far as scar treatment, the doctor will give you or suggest various creams to use topically to prevent and minimize scarring.

Stage 3- Results and Continuous Care
It is important to keep any and all post-op follow up appointments and report to the doctor any changes, related pain and alike that you experience between appointments.
With the proper treatment and care, you will be ready to be in that sexy dress, blouse or bathing suit in no time!

Finally, as always, we encourage and remind you to check your breasts, after your period every month, and continue doing so after your surgery.

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